Holding a higher standard
  1. Geospatial Services
    A full service GIS and Remote Sensing solution provider.
    Wilzur provides professional GIS and Remote Sensign consulting services, solutions (hardware, software and data) and application development across numerous disciplines using accurate and high quality data focused on innovation developing engineering, scientific, management and decision support solutions.
  2. Industrial Business Services
    Confidence to your new industrial facilities.
    Following the guidelines and strict confidentiality of the client, Wilzur has the expertise, experience and technological capabilities to planning, design and develop of new faciities, buildings, infrastructure, and major renovation projects support ensuring successful and timely projects.
  3. Smart Facilities & Building Services
    .Integrated Design and Management.
    A new 3D dimension aids resource planning and facility to virtually represent, extend and improve the real world and manage data, processes, people and sustainable facilities. Utilizing the new techniques and trends for Real-time monitoring and analysis of components and systems operations, Wilzur addresses architecture, infrastructure, planning, resources and employees so that stakeholders can virtually explore a his facilities and buildings as well as its effects in production management.
Making your ideas a reality