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Geospatial Solutions

 Industrial Business

Smart Buildings & Facilities

Geospatial solutions from Wilzur offers an excellent know-how for data collection, processing, management,  analysis and project development ensuring accurate goals across numerous disciplines allowing to overcome complex challenges with confidence.
Feasibility and marketing studies, legal regulations, project management and business intelligence are key elements to a business successful.

Wilzur is a mainstream provider to reach the expected results within times and budgets established.
BMS, IoT, Industry 4.0, define new integration challenges to be competitive allowing reduce energy costs, increase production and meet regulatory standards.

Design, modeling and simulation of buildings and plants, industrial automation and processes control as well as product life cycle management (PLM) are Wilzur expertise offers.
Meeting your business needs.
Remote sensing &  GIS
Full-spectrum geospatial solutions that support all stages to accelerate decision making.
Industrial Business  Development
Set up of new industrial facilities at any place in the world.
Geospatial & Industrial Business Specialists.
Enterprise Control & Integration
Synchronize business strategy with operational execution in real-time to enable closed loop business control across an enterprise.
Wilzur offers complete project development for the public and private sector, providing confidence with highly qualified personnel, a solid technological infrastructure and continuous advice and support.
Making your ideas a reality